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Bathtub for tall person  According to the average height of people in the world, the average height of American people is 6 feet and the average height of European people is 5.10.

We shower every day, but how about when your bathtub is small and you can’t fit in it? Of course, you feel very disappointed then. Most bathtub companies make bathtubs according to the average height. Due to this, people who are taller than 6 feet face the problem. If you feel uncomfortable bathing in your small bathtub, check out these whole bathtubs for tall people.

Here is a list of bathtubs for tall people, bathtub comparisons, and bathtub buying guides. Read this guide to get all the information you need about bathtubs.


In A Hurry! Consider These Top 3 Tall Person bathtubs

Are you in a hurry? You don’t have to rush I am clarifying the whole list for you and finding 3 bathtubs in different categories. These three bathtubs fit into three categories such as tall bathtubs, best sellers, and best value for money.


74-inch American Standard Deep Soaking Tub (Tallest Bathtub)

Tallest Bathtub
Tallest Bathtub

American Standard bathtubs are made of pure acrylic material in linen color. These bathtubs are rectangular-shaped deep soaking bathtubs. This is one of the best bathtubs for two people. Because its length and width are large. It is very suitable and comfortable for multiple people.

The American Standard soaking tub slip resistance floor will increase safety and ensure you get maximum immersion. This tub will give you a good experience.

This will help you during multiple freestanding tubs and lightweight body installations.

Tall bathtub measurements:

  • Length : 74.75- inch,
  • Width : 38.5-inch,
  • Height: 22.87 inches.

70-inch Vanity Art Freestanding  Modern Bathtub (Bestseller And Editors Choice)

Vanity Art Freestanding  Modern Bathtub
Vanity Art Freestanding  Modern Bathtub

Various types of modern bathtubs are available in online stores. But it’s just a best-selling tab that might be an editor’s choice.


  • Length: 70- inches.
  • Width : 31- inches.
  • Height: 28.3 inches.

Vanity Art modern bathtubs are made of white acrylic and chrome finish material.

70-Inch Vanity Art Freestanding Modern Bathtub Features:

  • UPC Certified trail Overflow.
  • Have pop-up drain,
  • Prevents scratches,
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Advanced glossy appearance,
  • Luxurious oval design.

71-inch vanity Art Modern Soaking Tub (Best For money and Affordable).

A 71-inch soaking tub is about the same size as a 70-inch bathtub. But this bathtub is very reasonable and the best bathtub. This bathtub is totally UPC-certified. This bathtub is made of the highest quality raw materials. It is made of superior-quality material thus ensuring its durability and longevity.


  • Length 70.9 inches,
  • Width 33.9 inches,
  • Height 25.6 inches.

6-7 feet tall people can easily fit in this bathtub. The shocking tub keeps the water warm and hot for a long time. You will love it because you will get many facilities like a spa, massage, and bath in this bathtub.


5-Best Bathtub For Tall Person Reviews

Tall bathtubs offer many benefits. These bathtubs are very comfortable. A long bathtub not only gives you relaxation, but it is also suitable for two people to use.

For your convenience, I have selected the 5 best bathtubs that are specific for different categories of people. Bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, prices, and finishes so you can select the best bathtub possible.

Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub (70-inches)

The vanity freestanding acrylic is a conventional and convenient bathtub. This is one of the bathtubs of the brand. Vanity art freestanding acrylic bathtubs are affordable and budget-friendly. This bathtub is convenient and attractive. If your height is between 6 feet and 6.5 feet then this is the right bathtub for you.

Following are the features of the vanity art freestanding bathtub.

  • It is made of 100 percent glossy white acrylic material.
  • Its fiberglass is strong.
  • Its finish is chrome polished.
  • It has a flexible drain.
  • It is a slotted overflow.


  • Length 70 inches,
  • Width 31.5 inches,
  • Height 28.3 inches.

Total weight 95Ibs. Approx 47 kg.

Provides its UPC certification for performance and durability.

Along with UPC certification benefits, it is stain-resistant, scratch resistant and easy to clean, and guarantees safety. It is scratch resistant so it looks brand new after cleaning. In fact, you won’t find a better-designed contemporary bathtub than the vanity art freestanding bathtub.

Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub (71-inch)

Are you looking for a 6.4-foot-long bathtub? The vanity art freestanding acrylic bathtub is designed for people 6-6.4 feet tall. This bathtub is one of the best bathtubs.

Here are the features to make it clear why you should buy this bathtub instead of another top bathtub.


  • Length 71.9 inches (approx 72 inches),
  • Width 33.9 inches,
  • Height 25.6 inches,
  • Weight: 93 Pounds.

It has an oval shape, round and overflow, flexible drain hose, and freestanding structure. It is made of premium quality white acrylic material.

It heats water for a long time so you can use it for a long time. Why You Shouldn’t Need Remodeling To Install these Bathtubs followings are the advantages and disadvantages of

Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub (71-inch).

Prose :

  • The best bathtub ever.
  • Massage, spa, and bath provide facilities for such activities.
  • Suitable for long bathing.
  • Readily available and affordable

Cons: The breech strength create the problem (probably, but not confirmed).

American Standard Evolution Deep Soaking Tub (74-inch)

A is an extra-long bathtub. Lightweight size, best materials, rectangular design, and extra width all benefit tall people. Following is the exact concept of the American Standard Tub.


  • Length 74.75 inches,
  • Width 38.5 inches,
  • Height 22.87 inches.

This tall bathtub can be used by 2 people. Made of durable fiberglass rich, glossy acrylic, glossy linen material. Its shape is deep and wide so you can immerse your body and feel a lot of comforts. There are two free-standing options for installing this bathtub. Two of the freestanding are drop-in, deck mound, and under-mound installations. You can enjoy the easy installation process.

Following are the pros and cons of am

  • Slip-resistant floor.
  • Maximum drain for soaking.
  • Two people can use it.
  • Two methods to install.
  • The drainage system is good.


Cons: Price is a bit valuable.

Wyndham Collection Mellissa Freestanding Bathtub (71-inch).

This is another Wyndham Collection Melissa Freestanding Bathtub. These bathtubs are available in 3 types which are 60 inches, 65 inches, and 71 inches.

If you want to buy a long bathtub, you can choose this 71-inch bathtub. It is tall in size as well as available in 4 colors.

These bathtubs come in a variety of materials such as brushed nickel trim, polished chrome trim, and more. Wyndham bathtubs are made of acrylic materials and white finish type bathtubs. This bathtub is oval in shape.

This is a standard tub bathtub for full immersion. If you think this bathtub can keep you warmer than traditional steel tubs, you’re wrong.

Actually, its install type is freestanding but its weight is very high. It is a little difficult to install due to its heavy weight. It has an adjustable base for proper leveling and stabilization.

Overall, this bathtub will enhance your bathroom decor nicely.


  • There are various excuses to choose this bathtub.
  • There are deep water reservoirs for immersion.


  • Its prices are not so lower to purchase.

Ferdy Bali Acrylic  Freestanding Bathtub (59-inch)

Are you wondering what is the best bathtub for a tall person? It would be of great help to you if I could recommend you the best bathtub for a 6ft tall person.

Ferdy Bali Acrylic Bathtub is a lightweight bathtub. It is a colorful bathtub. Ferdy Bathtub is a bathtub for one person.


  • Length 59 inches,
  • Width 28 inches,
  • Height 23 inches.

Ferdy bathtub measurements will be in centimeters.

  • Length 15cm,
  • Width 71cm,
  • Height 58cm.

It has a glossy white structure, oval shape, freestanding installation method, and toe-tap chrome drain.

This bathtub is made of 100 percent acrylic material reinforced with ego fiberglass to ensure a long bath time in the Ferdy bathtub.

Features :

  • It does not contain toxic substances,
  • Non-cracking,
  • Pure white,
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Durable finish,
  • Resists chemical cosmetics,
  • Has an anti-sliding gasket.


Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ferdy Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub.


  • It’s an awesome trending bathtub,
  • Best for all people,
  • Classic slotted overflow.
  • Fully compatible with the environment,
  • Provides a beautiful bathing experience.

Cons: The price is through to purchase.

Why You Need A Tall Bathtub?

People buy more size products according to their needs. Don’t spend your money on a tall bathtub if you don’t need it. Now, the question is why do you need a tall bathtub instead of a regular bathtub? There are many reasons to choose a tall bathtub. Below are the reasons.

  1. A tall bathtub is more suitable for tall people.
  2. A large bathtub can comfortably accommodate 2 people.
  3. Tall bathtubs are suitable for 6 to 7 feet people. Tall people find it uncomfortable to bathe in small and medium-sized bathtubs.
  4. Tall bathtubs can withstand the weight of heavyweight people.
  5. Large-size bathtubs can take as much water as you want.
  6. Tall bathtubs can hold maximum water and can also drain.

How We Select The Best Bathtubs?

We have done technical research with information from various places to select the best bathtub. We never neglect to list the product selection. We provide accurate information about the best bathtub. The thing about choosing our products is that we only select bathtubs for tall and tall people.

In this post, we have described the exact information of bathtub features, advantages, disadvantages, bathtub description, capacity, durability, reviews, ratings, and construction.

Bathtub for the taller person buying guide (Thinks To Consider)

According to my knowledge, most (over 60%) bathtub buyers can’t buy a flawless, and suitable bathtub. Tall people usually fall into this problem because they can’t consider the product’s measurements and product quality. As a result, they buy a small bathtub and feel uncomfortable while taking a shower.

However, you can buy the right bathtub by reading this bathtub buying guide.

I have discussed important information about bathtubs for tall people so that they can consider which bathtub to buy. Here are all the guides to buying a tall bathtub for tall people. Reading this guide can prevent the possibility of a tall person’s bathtub from buying scams.


 Bathtub Dimensions

When you choose a bathtub you need to estimate the dimensions of the bathtub. How will you feel when buying a 55-inch bathtub and your height is 70 inches?

Obviously, you can’t fit yourself into it then. So you need to choose the right size of a bathtub. For example, if your height is between 6-7 feet, you should buy a bathtub between 70-80 feet. Also, before buying a bathtub, you must measure the interior space of your bathroom.


Shape And Design

The shape and design of the bathtub can enhance the decor of the bathroom. Never choose a plain-designed bathtub.


Types And Style

Round, square, and oval are the three types of bathtubs that are the most famous. When buying a bathtub for a tall person, look for bathtubs that are square and oval in style. They are not only made for tall people, they are made based on the client’s requirements.


Easy Installation

We all know bathtubs are very heavy. Bathtubs weigh 90Ibs to 120Ibs. The heavy weight of the bathtub makes it difficult to install.

But you can opt for a freestanding bathtub for ease of installation. A freestanding bathtub is very comfortable to use and easy to install. Freestanding bathtubs do not require installation to set up.


Bathtub materials are ceramic, marble, acrylic, and copper. The type of materials is excellent and suitable for bathtubs. Due to the durability of the materials, the bathtubs provide performance and can be used many times. Materials play an important role in making a tall bathtub.

Surface And Color

The bathtub surface and paint enhance the quality of the bathtub. A good quality bathtub surface is beautiful, and sparkling and does not wear out quickly. On the other hand, a low-quality bathtub surface gets scratched quickly.

Also, you need to select a colorful bathtub to make your bathtub attractive. White color is best for all types of bathrooms. You will try to choose white color for the bathroom.


The most expensive item in the bathroom is the bathtub. The material, shape, and high-quality features of this bathtub can make it expensive.

You can buy bathtubs from online stores. The budget to buy an average-quality bathtub should be 500$. But if you stretch your budget to $700, you can buy a better-quality bathtub.


How To Fit Yourself In A Small Bathtub?

If you have an old, small bathtub you should have no problem with it if you know how to use it.

What do you do when you go out and need a shower? It will be a very difficult situation for you when the bathtub size is smaller than yours.

For this, you need to know how to fit yourself perfectly in a small bathtub. There are a few steps you can follow to fit yourself into a small bathtub. Below are the steps.

  • Take a good look at the corners of the bathtub and try to find out which corner is best for you. But it is better to keep your head in the southwest and feet in the northeast.
  • First don’t wear lying down, you can try sitting.
  • Bend your knees, placing your hips in the corner of the tub.
  • Spread your legs now.

Hopefully following these bathtub instructions you won’t have a problem bathing in your small bathtub.


Benefits  of large -Sized bathtubs

When using bathroom items, let’s consider something relevant about their convenience and usability. There are no problems with large-sized bathtubs and bathtubs offer many benefits. Following are the advantages of oversized bathtubs.

  • Multiple people can bathe properly in the large bathtub.
  • Due to its large size, tall people will benefit more from bathing in this bathtub.
  • The large bathtub makes the bathroom more beautiful.
  • large bathtubs can be used for a long time.
  • The big bathtub is best for pain relief and massage.

Important Related FAQs

Should I Buy over- sized Bathtubs?

Yes, large bathtubs offer various benefits so one should buy a large-size bathtub to enjoy the benefits. The advantages of big bathtubs are-

  • you can install a hot water heater in the big bathtub during cold times.
  • Large bathtubs can be used by multiple people because they are deep.
  • You will have a lot of space while bathing in the large bathtub.

How Much Does A Wall In Tub Weigh?

Generally, walk-in tubs are different from other tubs. Walk-in bathtubs weigh a lot because of their size. If we consider their average weight, a walk-in tub weighs about 200 pounds or more.

Is Soaking Bathtub Any Good?

Many bathtubs have soaking facilities. Best used for soaking in bathtubs. Freestanding bathtubs offer maximum soaking depth. Soaking bathtubs are much better than other bathtubs. Drop-in bathtubs offer the greatest soaking water depth.

Can I Make My Bathtub  Taller?

You can increase the height of the bathtub for tall person at your convenience but not the length. For example, if you attach more overflows, your bathtub will increase in height and automatically change shape and size.

How Big Is A  Two-person Bathtub?

Choosing a bathtub for a tall person will allow two people to use it, as the bathtub for a tall person is larger in size. A two-person bathtub is longer but not wider. Two-person bathtubs range from 60 to 80 inches in length and 45 inches in width.

How High Can A Bathtub Be?

People take baths to feel relaxed. The bathtub should be at a convenient height for relaxing while bathing. If you don’t have the right height, you won’t be able to lie down perfectly. Most bathtubs can be a maximum of 28 inches in height

What Are Big Bathtubs Called?

There are different types of bathtubs available all over the world. Bathtubs are rectangle, oval, round-up, and walk-in tubs. But the larger bathtubs available are called corner tubs. These bathtubs are large in size, wide, and occupy more space. Corner tub bathtubs are expensive. When buying these should be called bathtubs for tall people.

What Is The Largest Bathtub Of all Time?

The largest bathtub in the Guinness World Record is the Americh 84″ in Malibu. This bathtub for tall person is 84 inches. Also, the 2nd largest bathtub in the UK is Colosseo.

Final Words

I Hope you already know the clear concept of the Top 5 large-sized bathtubs for the tall person (2022 reviews).

Listing a bathtub for a tall person is neither easy nor complicated. The list is made based on research, suggestions, advantages, and disadvantages.

This article describes the top 5 tall bathtubs. Here is a bathtub buying guide that will help you select and buy a tall bathtub with ease. Various questions about bathtubs are answered which can be read to gain knowledge about bathtubs. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with us.

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