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Circle FTP Media Server One of the most popular servers in Bangladesh is. Movies and telefilms are available on this server along with IP TV service. If you are looking for Circle FTP Media Server and want to know about it then this article will give you all the information.

Also, here you will find the default gateway address of a Circle TV media server. Many broadband internet provider companies are starting businesses inside Bangladesh. These broadband companies are providing different types of internet services to increase their subscriber base and one of these internet services is the FTP server.

At present, all broadband internet companies in Bangladesh have their own FTP servers. If you have used the internet from any broadband internet company, you may have experience with FTP media servers. In this article, we will discuss the Circle FTP media server and show how to access this media server.

If you are a regular customer of Circle FTP server or want to use this internet then you should read this post carefully.

Circle FTP

It is an excellent circle FTP network provided by ISP. Most Circle Network ISPs allow their registered users to access the Internet. Internet users can download their required media items using Circle FTP.

This FTP server is a high-speed file transfer protocol. Circle FTP provides the facility to download any file in a fast time.

So we can say, Circle FTP can provide the best facility to download media files.


Circle FTP Media Server

What do you want to know about Circle FTP Media Server? Here you will know about the circle FTP login address, which will help you to access the circle FTP server easily. Never use third-party websites when using Circle FTP Media Server. You need to use a VPN connection to browse this internet server. Only when you have a VPN connection can you protect your internet privacy.

Below the server, you will find a blue button that will help you to access this FTP server. Just use the blue button to return to the Circle FTP server home page.

Circleftp Media Server

Circle ftp 1

Circle ftp 2

Circle ftp 3


Note: Only those using Circle FTP Broad Band Network or ISP can access these servers. Otherwise, you cannot use it. So, before accessing Circle FTP media you need to know about Circle FTP and can also refer to another article to check this same topic.


What Is Circle FTP?

What Is Circle FTP
What Is Circle FTP

Circle FTP is an online media server. Various types of movies, telefilms, and software are available on this FTP server. Circle FTP Media Server is Broad Band Company’s internet service. This internet service is intended for registered customers of Circle FTP Broad Band Company only. If you are a subscriber of Circle FTP Company then you can also use FTP Media Server.

Many people try to access the Circle FTP media server using a third-party broadband internet connection. But unfortunately, you cannot access this server if you are not using Circle FTP’s Internet.

How To Access Circle FTP Media Server?

Circle FTP server is easy to access and there are a few steps to follow to access this server. This access process is the same for all types of FTP servers. Follow the instructions below to access the Circle FTP Media Server.

  • Open your internet browser,
  • Click on the URL,
  • Input the IP address,
  • Check the IP address,
  • Following press the Enter for activity,
  • Wait and enjoy  Circle FTP Media Server.

Why I Can Not Access This Circle FTP Server?

Many people use the Circle FTP server internet but can’t access the Circle FTP media server. We will find out why the user is unable to access the media server.

The main reason for not being able to access the Circle FTP server is because of IP address blocking. You will run into this problem only when the web server blocks the IP address you are using.

Many times third parties try to access this FTP server using broadband internet but they can’t.

If you cannot access the Circle FTP server, contact your internet broadband provider without delay.

Circle Network: Home Of The Largest FTP Server

if you have an internet connection and you love ftp servers. But there has a lot number of users who can’t know what is the best ftp server. in this blog, I told you about the best ftp server. Circle FTP Media Server is the biggest media server in Bangladesh. Circle FTP Media Server has a huge number of internet users because their internet speed is very high and its speeds super fast. and this broadband user has a lot of number internet ftp servers and IP TVs collections.

They’re currently covering 37 districts and 250 Upazilas all over Bangladesh. This statistic itself is enough to explain the value of service among broadband users.

Not only are they providing quality service with their internet service, but they’re also giving joyous satisfaction with a number of FTP movie servers.

Where We  Can Get The Alternative FTP Server Like Circle FTP?

Hi dear friends, are you looking for an FTP server that looks like Circle FTP Media Server? You can check the FTP server section on our website. On our website, you can know details about all the best FTP servers in Bangladesh. If you get any help from this post then definitely share it on your social media accounts. If you have any queries about Circle FTP Server then comment and contact us.


I Hope you already know a clear concept of circle ftp Media Server – Best Online Movie Server In Bangladesh 2022. Circle FTP is very helpful for media server users. That’s for all.



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