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Circle Network Server – This is a circle network IP address. This address redirects the user to the Circle Network server. The most popular web server in Bangladesh is the FTP server. The circle network IP address  runs on the FTP server.

Using this IP address you can also find other alternative IP addresses. IP address known as Movie Download Server. If you are looking for a fast server to download movies then you can choose the circle FTP server. However, Circle FTP Server is a popular network webpage, hosted on an FTP server.



Many people try to access the Circle FTP server but only a few get the correct IP address. Circle FTP network server IP address is and this movie download server address works with multiple channels.

Circle FTP Network Server is operated by one of the national network companies (ISP) internet service providers in Bangladesh. Many people don’t know that BTCL has released an announcement that no one can do cash servers unless they use a national ISP. So ISP Circle is an important provider for FTP servers. You can find all kinds of updated movies and telefilms on this FTP server.

So if you want to access the circle network server IP address and know about this network then keep reading this article.


The Internet makes our life easy if we can use the internet properly. Nowadays we can enjoy entertainment by using different network servers. Circle FTP is also a network server. Circle FTP network server IP address is but you may not find it at present. Because some fake websites rank in search engines and those websites create confusion among network users. So when you have an idea about the circle FTP server you can identify the right server.

Use the button to directly access the Circle Network movie server and download the movie of your choice.

Circle Network Server – IP Address

Here is a large list of IP addresses required for Circle Network servers. The servers are still up and running.

All the servers are working properly and you can access them here with one click. Just click the button and get access to Circle Network Movie Server. Download your favorite movies and TV shows from this server for free. Below is the list of  Circle network FTP server IP addresses.

Circle Network

  • 15.1.1 1 > IP Address For Circle Network FTP Server.
  • > IP Address For Circle Network FTP Server.
  • > IP Address For Circle Network FTP Server.
  • > IP Address For Circle Network FTP Server.


What Is Circle Network Movie Server?

Basically, Circle Network Movie Server refers to a cloud or storage where the list of movies is stored. A user can access this webserver to search movie names and download movie files. The dear user never visits third-party websites as third-party sites may upload virus-infected files. If you download files infected with viruses, you risk losing data on your device or computer and there is a possibility of device damage.

Circle Network IP Server List

Circle Network IP Server List
Circle Network IP Server List

Here you will find all Circle network IP  server lists and you can use them as per your choice. People find a list of circle server FTP servers to download movies and tv shows. This server network provides a free file download facility to the user. No one can download files from the Circle Network server but only its customers can use this server. Circle Network server users enjoy broadband internet facilities and high-speed internet facilities.










Every internet user needs a good network server. To help you to choose the best network server for you, I wrote about the Best  Circle network server IP address 15.1 1.1. Hope it will help you to choose the best one for you.



This post is for educational purposes only so don’t try to misuse it. All the information given here is based on informed knowledge. We do not support the use of any third-party websites. Do not use websites that do not have an SSL certificate. So take this post as an educational blog post.

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