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Gundam Rice Cooker  Everyone knows Zojirushi, Toshiba, and Cuckoo rice cookers. Each of these rice cookers is a brand. People love rice cookers because of their performance and advanced technology. These rice cookers are popular so people use them.

When a new type of rice cooker comes into the market, people are very curious about it. The new type of Rice Cooker is name Gundam Rice Cooker with an attractive and unique design. Gundam Rice Cooker is like a Japanese cartoon, looks like Transformers. Gundam is a popular cartoon in Japan and East Asia.

To bring competition to the market, the mobile suit Gundam manufacturing company decided to create a strange rice cooker. It is known as RX-78 Rice Cooker.

Do you want to know about the Gundam Rice Cooker And A New Type of Rice Cooker?

Details about this interesting rice cooker are discussed below. Read the full post and know about “Gundam Rice Cooker – A New Type Rice Cooker”.

New Type Rice Cooker –  Gundam Rice Cooker

I’ve researched the Gundam Rice Cooker but unfortunately, it’s rare to find details on it. But found some amazing facts and details on Gundam Rice Cooker. First, in early 2016, artist Lee Evil Dragon designed an electric rice cooker with the head of a Gundam robot. The Gundam Rice Cooker’s features look different from others, so it faces controversy.

Although controversial, the Gundam Electronic Rice Cooker has some features. Features of the Gundam Rice Cooker are given below:

  1. Gundam rice steamer is made of PVC material.
  2. The overall dimensions of the Gundam Rice Cooker are – Height 230mm, Width 220mm, and Length 295mm.
  3. The anime rice cooker has two variants. Like RX-78- part 1 and RX-78- part 2 rice cooker.
  4. Gundam rice cooker can steam vegetables.
  5. Gundam Rice Cooker’s original name is Ichiban Kuji Kidou Senshi Gundam (Japanese).
  6. The finish of the paint and the design are very well combined.

If you like to collect Gundams and Gundam kits you will know what this meant to Gundam fans in 1979. It looks like a cartoon so many people call it an inappropriate and immature rice cooker. The performance of the Gundam rice cooker is much better than other rice cookers. This rice cooker will be a favorite item in your kitchen.


Where to find the Gundam Rice Cooker?

Gundam Rice Cooker
Gundam Rice Cooker

Hard to find Gundam Steamers and Rice Cookers internationally. People have lost interest in them because they look like cartoons. If you really want to get this rice cooker then search for it in the Japanese area. Alternatively, you can easily find it in Japanese and Asian e-commerce stores.

How much is a Gundam Cooker?

The Gundam Rice Steamer will likely cost $100 to $120. As far as I know, its price is not high. Shipping costs can be an issue when buying it. Because it is not available in our specific region. So shipping to the Japanese area will cost you a bit more.

How Much Rice You  Can Cook With A Gundam?

The Gundam is an average mini rice cooker and the inside looks like any other normal rice cooker. This rice cooker holds a minimum of 5.5 cups and a maximum of 12 cups. The Gundam rice cooker can cook up to 3 pounds of vegetables at a time.

Is Zojirushi Better Than Gundam Cooker?

In fact, Zojirushi is one of the most popular rice cookers. It is the best-selling, most famous, functional, and affordable rice cooker. It is a reputed brand in the cooker industry and there is no other cooker to beat. Even its ingredients are very strong and good. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker is at the highest technology level. This is a remarkable rice cooker.

Overall the Gundam is a good rice cooker but the Zojirushi is better.


Actually, I favor the Gundam brand rare rice cooker. It looks good and is easy to use. This is a special edition and one of the best rice cookers out there. I hope this post will clear all your curiosity about “Gundam Rice Cooker – A New Type Rice Cooker” and find all its information here.

Finally, I would like to say that Gundam is a special electronic rice cooker. Learn about Gundam and use it. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with me.


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