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IBOX FTP SERVER is the biggest online movie server in Bangladesh. This FTP server offers movies, live TV and TV series, and much more. Most users can use the IBox FTP server using an internet connection. You can download movies and TV series from the IBOX FTP server using a smartphone device. Sometimes IBOX FTP server may not work for users, here we have listed some alternative FTP servers.

However, if you want to know more about the IBOX FTP server the biggest online movie server, read the full post.

Nowadays everyone uses broadband internet connection. It is providing internet at a lower price than before so that everyone can get internet facilities. The Internet has become an essential thing in every field of daily life. In this post, we have given all the important information related to the IBOX FTP server.


IBOX FTP Server is the biggest online movie server. You can watch all types of movies including downloads on this media server. If you want to access the IBOX FTP server then you must know the default gateway address of this FTP server. No one can visit the IBox website without the default gateway address. iBox FTP has a different port address for different servers and servers are different from each other.

Here I have created separate buttons for all the servers which will help you to go to the homepage of that server. Check the servers by clicking on them and use the server you like. Before using any website you need to know whether the website is legitimate or not before using the website.





IBOX not only works for FTP servers, but it also provides Live TV. Live TV is an amazing media server where you can enjoy different types of TV channels using a mobile phone. iBox FTP Server can also be called IP TV Server. Finally, we can say, iBox FTP has become an auxiliary service of the LIVE TV server. You can take multiple benefits from the IBOX FTP LIVE TV SERVER.


iBox Live Tv

Alternative Tv Server



IBOX FTP is a simple media server with FTP cloud hosting. All FTP servers generally provide high-speed download services. Most internet users look for websites that provide fast download services. But websites providing fast high-speed download facilities do not get this. So IBOX FTP is a server where you can access a high-speed download facility.

Actually, if you want to access the IBOX FTP server easily then follow the instructions given here. If you can’t access the IBOX FTP server please let us know the name of your broadband isp. Comment your problem below. We will try to give you the exact FTP server details that match your ISP connection.

How To Access The IBOX FTP?

Are you unable to access the IBOX FTP server? Don’t worry, here are instructions on how to access the IBOX FTP server without any problem. If you want to access the iBox FTP server you must know its IP address. However, there is a difference between an FTP server address and a normal website URL address. An FTP server address starts with ftps:// or ftp:// but a typical website address starts with HTTPS:// or HTTP://. Below are some instructions to access the ibox ftp server.

Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Copy the ibox ftp server link.
  • Open your Internet browser.
  • Press the URL bar.
  • Paste the copied link in the FTP URL bar.
  • Click Enter button, wait for a while and enjoy the benefits of IBOX.


Why Does IBOX FTP Not Work Properly?

Is the IBOX ftp server not working for you? If the ibox ftp server is not working properly then you need to diagnose the problems.

Blocking the IP address is the main reason for the server not working. This problem occurs when a website or web server blocks the IP address you are using. Using third-party websites also causes the server to fail to work.

Before using any website you need to know whether the website is legal or illegal. Generally, third-party websites cannot be used. But if you want to access any third-party website then you must use premium VPN software.

Also, if you want to know more about FTP server names then visit our homepage. We always update our website on the internet, server, and website-related matters.


Last Word

Hopefully, you get a clear concept of the

IBOX FTP SERVER and The Biggest Online Movie Server.

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