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Icc Ftp Server movies provide the best quality internet service in Bangladesh. It provides users with high-quality bandwidth and unlimited download speed. ICC office solves various problems of users.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The ICC FTP server manages the Internet connection.

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ICC FTP Server movies IP Address

ICC FTP server is a download server. You can download your required files, and movies from this server using the internet. Do you know the IP address of the ICC FTP server?

If you are using  ICC board band internet then you must know its IP port address. The IP port address is

Every ICC broadband internet user should know this address. This is the official address of the icc ftp server. You can view the port address with any browser if you are using an ICC board band connection.

ICC Board Band Services created this FTP server for their users. ICC board band communication provides HD file links of good quality movies and TV shows for users on an FTP server.



ICC FTP Server

ICC is the best download server for all communications which provides high-speed internet in Bangladesh.

ICC servers provide high-speed internet services that you can use as your wish. This site provides an FTP server for download. ICC FTP Server is one of the best online servers you will get lots of benefits. But those who use ICC board band lines must know about its benefits.

However, many internet users have tried to find a download website. But after many attempts, they could not find their required content or download the website. But using this internet server you can find all kinds of content including downloads instantly.

Those who use the ICC FTP server can find movies, video songs, and various information very easily. Every user can any type of file and movie using the ICC FTP server.

This is the ICC FTP server address. Through this address, you can visit the official website of the icc ftp server. Most of the time people do not find the actual address to contact ICC.

So in this post, you can find a button, which directly sends you to the official address of   ICC is an FTP server with an IP address of

ICC Internet Connection FTP Server provides many benefits to its users. In this FTP server, you will find the list of movies. In the list of movies, you will find Bollywood, Tamil, Hollywood, and dubbed movies in HD print. icc ftp server is not only an FTP downloading platform, but it is also suitable for broadband users.

IP address ICC board works very fast with band internet line. If you are using a LAN cable connection, the port address will give you the maximum download speed. Many people do not know the difference between an FTP server and other servers.

Here I just mentioned about icc ftp server whose port address is Other FTP servers may not give you much download speed. | ICC FTP SERVER

ICC FTP server has IP TV channels. News, Movies, Cartoons, Sports, etc. ICC FTP Server provides Live TV. ICC FTP Server is available as an alternative to IP TV channels, where you can watch most Bangladeshi network cable TV channels.

Here you can find most of the Bengali IP TV channels streaming by ICC internet service. is the address you need to visit if you want to watch IP TV channels. Live IP TV can be your option to stream any Bengali TV channel.

Also, a large list of sports channels is available on the ICC FTP server, where you can get 24 hours sports news and any kind of sports updates. it.

The main port address for ICC communication so if you want to take advantage of this FTP server then go to a chrome browser IP address. IP FTP is a fast server. You won’t find this speed on any other web server. So ICC FTP web server plays an important role in your online service.

Icc Ftp Download Server

Icc Ftp Download Server
Icc Ftp Download Server

Those who have been using ICC Broad Band Connection for a long time must know about ICC Official FTP Server. ICC Broad Band Internet users can access the FTP server using this IP address 10.16.244.

If you want to get HD movies, Bangladeshi movies, TV shows, foreign movies, and whatever you need then the ICC FTP server is a good platform for you. It is available for free with a broadband connection.


Many people have subscribed to ICC communication but don’t know about the icc ftp download server. ICC is an FTP download server that has become very popular all over Bangladesh.

ICC FTP 10.16.1oo.244 – Is It Correct or Wrong?

IP Address The 10.16.1oo.244 address shown in this post is completely wrong, as the correct port address is An exact IP port is always written as a numeric index number followed by a dot.

ICC WRONG PORT ADDRESS: 100.16.1oo.244


Icc Ftp Movie Server

ICC FTP Movie Server provides the best online service for all ICC internet users. Sometimes we have a lot of data but we can’t find the right place to download movies. ICC FTP Movie Server solves this problem because ICC FTP Server contains all kinds of movie collection lists inside.

On this movie server, you can easily download Bengali, English, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu movies for free.

But one condition of the ICC FTP server is that you must have an IC Broadband internet line to get the packages from this server. ICC FTP server always updates its movie server with new movies.

Currently, the best and fastest movie server in Bangladesh is the ICC FTP Movie Server. Not only the ICC FTP server always updates all files based on one IP address. You can find all kinds of newly released movies on their FTP movie server.




Package Name   Speed      Price

Starter            5MB         500 BDT

Basic                  7MB       600 BDT

Bronze              10MB      800 BDT

Silver                 13MB        900 BDT

Gold                  16MB       1000 BDT

Platinum         20MB    1200 BDT


Online Ftp Server

An online FTP server is a site call that has been registered and given get admission to the internet. Any movie, TV, stay TV, etc. may be visible on this network server. This online FTP server helps you to control your documents. You can without difficulty percentage the documents on your organization or school. You also can download songs, photos, and different media documents. We provide the quality of all FTP servers and it offers you the consolation to switch documents like films and TV shows, stay TV channels, or even music.

Just like every other record server, a web FTP server makes use of client-server interplay for consumer interplay. The maximum not unusual place characteristic of a web FTP server is its cap potential to govern and get admission to rights. With that management over getting admission to rights, you may make certain that your content material stays steady from prying eyes.


Hopefully, you have read this post to know more about ICC FTP Server. Here you can compare ICC FTP Server Internet Price List in Bangladesh and the speed of any package with other servers.

Visit ICC FTP server IP address and explore it. If you enjoyed reading this post and have any queries about ICC FTP Server then let us know in the comment box below. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with us.

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