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Mazeda FTP  Server In this post, you will learn about Mazeda Network Server and Mazeda FTP. Basically, Mazeda is a broadband internet connection management company. All types of internet services are provided here.

Mazeda Broadband Network Company provides its services only in Dhaka city of Bangladesh. Most Internet users do not know that Internet Broadband has an FTP server. On the FTP server, you can download movies, games, music, and software. You can download everything for free on the Mazeda FTP server.

Users don’t have to pay any extra charges for downloading to the FTP server. If you are a subscriber of the Mazda FTP server then you can use the free broadband service.

Best Online Media  Server  For  Mazeda  Network

Mazeda is a network company. This FTP server is the best online media server for the network. Mazeda Network Limited Company provides services to customers with their own FTP server.

The main goal of this server company is to provide unlimited service to customers with its own FTP server. If you log into the Mazeda FTP server you can see a lot of things there. This server stores a large list of data files where you will find numerous movies, songs, software, and games. These data files can be downloaded for free if you are a subscriber and have access permission.

There are many internet companies in Bangladesh but only a few of them have their own FTP server facilities. So, if you are looking for a broadband company to use then you should check their benefits before buying a broadband internet connection.

Mazeda FTP Address

Mazeda FTP Server has a huge list of movies, software, games, and other files. By accessing this server, customers can use the listed files. The address of the Mazeda FTP file is

Here I am creating a button that by pressing you will go to the Mazeda FTP server homepage. So, if you want to access the Mazeda FTP server, press the blue button given below.

Mazeda Ftp Server

Alternative Ftp server

Is  The  Mazeda Old FTP Server Not Working?

The FTP server network is a thing from where people can download their required files, movies, games, and software. But sometimes the old FTP server doesn’t work.

Is the Mazeda  old FTP server not working? If the Mazeda FTP server is not working, there is a simple solution for you to get the server working. Usually, the old FTP server is down.

So quickly contact the Mazeda FTP server and use the new FTP server instead of the old server of the Mazeda network. The new Mazeda FTP server will definitely work for you and you can download all the files from here very easily.

Mazeda Internet Limited

Mazeda FTP is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) limited company. This ISP company has received fantastic reviews from its users for its customer service.

However, Mazeda Internet Limited always tries to update its system to provide better service than before on the FTP server.

Mostly, these FTP servers come with some great feature upgrades with their broadband internet packages. Nowadays most users want a perfect broadband internet connection that has all kinds of features like Real IP, FTP, IP Telephone, IP Television, etc.

On the other hand, Mazeda Internet Limited has tried to increase the service of FTP servers according to the needs of the customers. So, hopefully, we can get better service from Mazeda Internet Limited in the future.

Mazeda Network Coverage

Mazeda Network Coverage
Mazeda Network Coverage

Mazeda Broadband Internet provides its services only in Dhaka. This broadband internet service is available in different areas of Dhaka city. If you live in Dhaka city and want to use Mazeda Broadband Internet then check their specific locations given here.

  • Mohammadpur
  • Dhanmondi
  • Bashundhara
  • Uttara
  • Hazaribag.


Mazeda Broadband Internet provides its services only in these areas within Dhaka. If you live outside Dhaka then you cannot get this broadband internet service. Because this FTP server does not provide any service outside Dhaka.

Mazeda Network Contact Number

Mazeda network contact number gives you the network solution. If you are a client of  Mazeda internet limited Company and have any queries regarding the FTP server, contact the company number.

Usually, these internet companies provide their services in different areas of Dhaka city. If you live in Dhanmondi, Bashundhara, Mohammadpur, Hazaribagh, Uttara, and Kalita then you can get this broadband service.

If you are a person in their particular area then you can be a member of a broadband internet network. This internet company will be able to provide an internet connection to your home within an hour.

Mazeda Broadband Company offices are located in these areas for the convenience of customers. Below is the phone number of Mazeda Internet Office.


Aria Name               Contact Number

  • Dhanmondi                  +8809613-334455
  •  Hazaribag                      +8801871-304898
  •  Bashundhora              +8801883002055
  • Kalita                            +8801672595901
  • Uttara                            +8809613334466


So, find out where you live and choose the phone number in your area. Call the Mazeda FTP Server company people directly and talk to them. The internet company’s purpose is to reply to your questions and execute your problems.

Why The Mazeda Internet FTP Server Does not Work For Me?

If you are not a member of the Mazeda Broadband Internet Company, you cannot access the Mazeda FTP server. Every day many people try to access this FTP server but can’t.

Only those who are subscribers of this broadband internet company can use it. If you are not a subscriber of Mazeda FTP Company, you cannot use it and it does not work for you.



Alternative FTP Server For Mazeda Network

There are alternative FTP servers for those who are not covered by the Mazeda FTP server area and cannot use it for any reason.

You can get services like the Mazeda FTP server by using one of the alternative FTP servers. Below is a list of some alternative FTP servers for you. Just choose an FTP server from here and use it.




Hopefully, you get a clear concept of the

Mazeda FTP Server Is The Best Online Media Server For Mazeda Network 2022. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with us.


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