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Sam Online FTP Server has an IP address of This address is the default gateway of Sam Online FTP Server. Here you can know both the correct and incorrect addresses of Sam Online FTP servers. In this post, you can get the real IP address of Sam Online FTP Media Server through which you can easily access this FTP server.

Many people try to access Sam Online FTP server to download free movies and files but can’t. So, here we have tried to solve this problem and give instructions to access Sam Online FTP Server through IP address 172.16.5o.5 in the right way.

If you are looking for an IP address to access Sam Online FTP server and facing any problems entering the IP address then read the full article.

Samonline | IP Address 172.16.5o.5

All internet users want to download movies, and files for free but most of the legitimate download servers require users to pay to get the services.

However, Sam Online FTP Server is completely free for all users. You can access the Sam Online FTP server using this IP address. But many times users are using this IP address 17.16.5o.5 as the default gateway of the Sam Online FTP server.

Unfortunately, you will never be able to access the server using this address. 17.16.5o.5 The IP address is incorrect because it has a misspelling.


Sam online IP Address

Sam Online FTP Server is a popular network server. This FTP server is hosted by a broadband company. The Sam Online FTP server access address is and this port address is used as the default gateway of the FTP server.

You will get a service to download movies, software and different types of files using Sam Online FTP server IP address. Even Hollywood and Bollywood movies are on this FTP server.

Here I have given a button which on click will take you to Sam Online FTP server. This server has more than 6 different IP addresses and you can access these IP addresses for free. So use the button given here and log in to Sam Online FTP Server.


 VS 172.16.5o.5

Do you know the real address of the Sam Online FTP server? The Sam Online FTP network server has two different IP addresses for the default gateway. One IP address is and the other is 172.16.5o.5.

172.16.5o.5 This IP address is incorrect because there is a spelling mistake. This incorrect IP port number contains the letter o but the correct IP address should not contain the letter. Many people cannot access the correct website of Sam Online FTP server due to using the wrong 172.16.5o.5 IP addresses. You cannot access the download server using the movie Server IP Address 172.16.5o.5.

Correct IP Address

Incorrect IP Address 172.16.5o.5


However, if you want to access the Sam Online FTP server, use the IP address But if you don’t know how to use an IP address then you can use the buttons given here. Just click on the buttons and directly access the home page of Sam Online FTP Server.


What Is  Sam Online FTP Server?

What Is Sam Online FTP Server
What Is Sam Online FTP Server

Sam Online FTP Server is a media server. This FTP server provides a free download service for users. The server may not work for everyone because the host of the Sam Online FTP server does not allow all users to access the server. But some alternative types of servers will provide the same service.

Nowadays if you search Sam Online FTP Server in a search engine you can get many search results.

However, searching most web servers shows fake results. So, you can use buttons if you want to get the right web server. These buttons have the real IP address of the Sam Online FTP server attached.


Which Is Sam Online Correct IP Address?

Address URL
Correct IP
Incorrect IP http://172.16.5o.5/ is the correct IP address of the Sam Online FTP server. Every day many users face problems using this IP address port because they make a mistake while typing the IP address in their browser URL bar.

So if you use the IP address as per the rules then there will be no problem. To check the IP address, type the address and click the enter button. People usually type the letter “o” instead of “0” so cannot access the Sam online server.


Sam Online FTP Movie Server

Sam online FTP movie server is a board band online server. Everyone tries to find an online media server that provides the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil movies for free. But most of the movie-serving servers have to pay for the movies.

However, if you are using Sam Online FTP Server then this is the best online service for you. You will get good internet service on this server. Here you can download all types of movies and different types of files for free.

More than 90 million people in Bangladesh use smartphones with internet access. Earlier the price of the internet was very high but now we can use the internet at a low cost. Today is the era of the internet so everyone wants to download movies and software through the internet.


Alternative FTP Server Against Sam online

Here you can see some online alternative FTP servers against Sam Online FTP Server. Which are fast and work great. Alternative servers provide similar services and you can easily use the servers for free. So go through the list and choose any server of your choice.

Ftp Server 1

Ftp Server 2

Ftp Server 3

Ftp Server 4

Ftp Server 5


Every online user needs good internet service. To help you to choose the best network server for your to sam online proxy, I wrote about the Sam online FTP server and the movie server IP address 172.16.5o.5 . Hope it will help you to choose the best one for you. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with me.



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