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TimepassBD FTP is the best online movie download server in Bangladesh. You can download all types of movies on this server. TimepassBD is a broadband FTP server so this server provides a fast download service.

Most people in Bangladesh use the TimePassBD FTP server. Timepassbd is primarily known as a movie download server but this server provides many services. But many internet users in Bangladesh do not know about the benefits of FTP servers.

However, the Time pass FTP server is a popular movie download server in Bangladesh but most people have trouble using it. You will know how to access the Time pass FTP server easily if you read the article completely.


TimePass BD FTP Server

Are you looking for fast broadband network servers? Timepassbd FTP server is the best movie download server. Here is the default gateway IP address of this FTP server using which you can easily access the server. timepassbd FTP server is the biggest online movie download server in 2022.

To access the Timepassbd FTP server click on the button given below which will redirect you to the homepage of this online media server. The server does not allow everyone to use them for internal reasons. But some users can access this online server and use only one type of internet service.

TimePass BD FTP Server

A year ago timepassbd FTP server was used to connect to the dot com domain but now this domain is not available. This online movie download server changes its domain name frequently due to various reasons.


TimePass bd IP Address

Timepassbd IP address is the default gateway of the timepassbd FTP server. You can access the timepassbd server using this address. You must enter the IP address in the browser when you access the website.

IP Address


Each server has its own IP address which helps them to access the website. Similarly, using the timepassBD FTP server requires knowing its IP address. is an IP address of the timepassbd FTP server and using this IP address you can access the server.

Time Pass Bd Live Server 2023

Timepassbd live server 2023 is one of the best and largest live server platforms in Bangladesh.

Live Server 1

Live Server 2

Live Server 3

Here you can watch Hollywood, and Bollywood movies, cartoons, and various TV series. Here are the buttons to use the timepassbd live server. Check the below buttons and use the live server of your choice.


How To Access Timepassbd?

If you don’t have a proper internet connection then you can’t access the timepassbd FTP server. However, if you can’t access this internet server then don’t worry because you will find many more movie download servers inside Bangladesh if you search on Google. The rules for accessing all types of FTP servers are the same. Any type of FTP server can be easily accessed if you follow the instructions.

A high-speed internet connection is required to access an FTP server. If you want to access the timepassbd FTP server you must have a broadband internet connection that supports bdix. Below are some instructions to access the timepassbd FTP server by following which you can easily access the server.

Follow this Step to Access Timepassbd Ftp:

  1. Open the Internet Browser,
  2. Click on the URL bar,
  3. Type IP address,
  4. Check IP address spelling,
  5. Click Enter to go to the page,
  6. Wait and enjoy the timepassbd FTP server.


Movie Download Server

Every day many internet users search for movies to download. But most internet users cannot find a good FTP server to download movies. Timepassbd FTP server is a good platform to download movies. Most movie download server works like the timepassbd FTP server.

Movie Download Server

TimepassBD Alternative Movie Server

On the surface web, you can find a variety of movie download servers but not all of them will work for your needs. Some websites offer only content of movies to attract visitors.

Fake websites use advertisements to increase traffic to their network websites. Here is the list of movie download server alternative websites where you can download your favorite movies without any hassle.

So without wasting time check the list of timepassbd alternative movie servers and use the server of your choice.

15 Alternative Movie Download Server List

  2. Circle FTP
  3. JDIX
  4. Mybdplex
  5. Show Time BD
  6. Natural BD
  7. VDOmela
  8. AntHouse BD
  9. Alphamediazone
  10. BongoBD
  11. Crazy CTG FTP Server
  12. Roar Media
  13. Elaach FTP BD
  14. Kurigramftp
  15. Binodonmela


Active FTP Movie Server List

Active FTP Movie Server List
Active FTP Movie Server List

Everyone loves movies and searches which websites to get updated movies.

If you are a movie lover then you need a good platform to download movies where you can get all kinds of movies, telefilms, and cartoons.

So here is the list of some active FTP movie servers providing a download facility. Here is a button you can easily get the active FTP movie server list by using the button.

Active Ftp Movie Server

Hope you like the FTP Movie Server List. Check the Active FTP Movie Servers list and select one of your choices. If you find this post helpful then share the post link on your social media sites. Also, if you have any queries about this post then definitely comment below.


I hope you already know the clear concept of the TimePassBD FTP and Best Movie Download Server 2022. Timepassbd FTP server is the best movie download server in 2022. Bangladeshi movie lovers love this platform very much. timepassbd is a premier movie download platform for FTP server users. Finally, we can say the timepassbd FTP server is the best platform for you to make your boring time enjoyable. That’s for all. Thanks for staying with me.


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